Filter on current user and current user groups


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll tell you about a request I often see on the forums, namely “How to display the content assigned to the current user.”

Where simple [me] is not enough that this request also target items assigned to user’s groups.

For this, two options are available to you

1) To use SharePoint Designer to modify the query on a webpart (example here : )

2) To create a custom webpart filter that will dynamically filter your content. For that I return you to one of my previous post:

Whatever your choice, the query will be the following


<Membership Type=”CurrentUserGroups”>

<FieldRef Name=”AssignedTo”/>



<FieldRef Name=”AssignedTo”/>

<Value Type=”Integer”>





For more explanation on the creation of this query, I propose you two of my previous posts:

Hope this helps !



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