Error while renaming site definition

Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about a problem I had when I tried to rename a site definition.

As a reminder when you create a site definition,  3 files are created

  •  « onet.xml »
  •  « webtemp_NomDuTemplate.xml »
  •  « default.aspx »

If you rename the “BlankSiteDefinition1” to “BlankSiteDefinitionRenamed”, don’t forget to change in all the files AND change the name of the “webtemp” file for « webtemp_BlankSiteDefinitionRenamed ».

If you make the change manually, you must not be forgotten that there is a hidden file! The SharePointProjectItem.spdata. It can be viewed by clicking on the “Show all files” in the “Solution Explorer”

Once clicked, you will see the file

In reviewing this file you will see references to your other 3 files you need you have to change.


Hoping that it saves you hours of research ..