Customize Content Editor Webpart


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll do a little advertising for 2 articles which particularly helped me recently.

My task was to use the “content query web part” to display the tasks assigned to the current user in the current site collection.

Of course, the rendering should be customized to look like as closely as possible to the traditional list view in SharePoint.

For this issue, I am confronted with three challenges.

1) Rendering

During the design of my xsl, I’ve realized that the “content query web part” displays items as “BulletList” not very practical when you want to display a table.

To change the rendering of “content query web part,” I have followed this excellent post from Waldek Mastykarz:

2) Show the presence indicator

In my view, I wanted to see the person who created the task as well as the presence indicator. Order to display this, I followed the advice of this post:

3) Display the contents of the “Assigned To” field

For this point, a constraint is imposed on me; the fields allowing multiple values are not roll up by the content query webpart! Order to display the “Assigned to” field, the field should be changed to allow only one value.


Thank you to the authors of the two articles mentioned!


Hope this help.