Error – LegacyUIDetected


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about a thing to remember in a SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 migration.

If migrating a site is relatively fast and allows a similar rendering in SharePoint 2010 (off course I’m talking about an out of the box website), when you will migrate this site to SharePoint 2013, you will see during the execution of the Powershell “Test-SPContentDatabase” command the following error message
And yes, use the “magnificent” SharePoint 2007 branding is no longer possible with SharePoint 2013. As said by the message, you can either do the visual upgrade in your 2010 environment before migrating the database, or it will be done automatically during the migration.

Do not forget that if special branding exists on your 2007 environment, you will have to recreate it in case of migration.

Hope this helps.