Not redirected to homepage access denied


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about a problem that may arise during the implementation of a SharePoint site.

Problematic : When you access your site via a non-full link (sample : http://server/ ) you are not redirected correctly to the default page (sample : http://server/pages/default.aspx  ) and receive an access denied.

A solution:

If you put a security system on your application (ISA server or other) and you receive an Access Denied (where you should have the permissions), check in IIS that the “Forms Authentication” is enabled for your web application.



This is the authentication that is responsible for making redirects. Once these on, you should be able to access your site.

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SharePoint 2013 Authentication

Hello everyone,

As some have seen, when you create a new web application in SharePoint 2013, the only authentication mode available via the UI is the “Claim-based authentication.”

The reason is that Office Web Apps can work only with this model. However, it is possible to create web applications using the NTLM or Kerberos via Powershell.

To do so, you must use a command line such

New-SPWebApplication -Name "Contoso Internet Site" -ApplicationPool "ContosoAppPool" -AuthenticationMethod "Kerberos" -ApplicationPoolAccount (Get-SPManagedAccount "CONTOSO\jdoe") -Port 80 -URL ""

More information on this subject here:

For application migrations, it is also possible to migrate from one mode “classic” mode “Claim-Based”, the procedure can be found here:

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