List Url to avoid

Hello everybody,

For once I’m not going to talk about development, but just using SharePoint. Specifically the Manage content and structure that is accessible via the button of the same name or when you want to add a link to a document from SharePoint.

All or almost all of us already have experienced a nice error message when trying to access to the Manage content and structure, for example if you have a list instantiated on a template but the template has been modified/removed so that the list is no longer valid.

But no development here now, just a standard site with features of active publications and a custom list named “index_file”, nothing too serious.

Imagine my surprise when browsing the above menu to see the famous explicit error message from SharePoint: An unexpected error has occurred.

After some investigation I discovered the following: When a list has it’s url ending with “_file” or “_files”, it caused an error when you try to access the Manage the content and structure