SharePoint 2013 – CRM – This content cannot be displayed in a frame


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about a problem that may occur when you use SharePoint as “Document location” for CRM entities.

If you do not configure anything, you will receive the error message « This content cannot be displayed in a frame » in your CRM.

To use SharePoint as a document location, you need to install the “crmlistcomponent.wsp” on your SharePoint and configure the location in CRM.

Link to download the component:

Link to a blog explaining the installation:

However, it is possible that despite this configuration, you still get the error message. One possible reason is that you have a column of type “Managed Metadata” in the default view of your list. Indeed CRM does not seem to manage the display of this type of column correctly.

Try to delete the columns of this type of the default view and it should work correctly.

Hope this helps