Working without SQL Express on standalone

Hello everyone,

Today I will talk about restoring the database. When you want to debug an application it is sometimes necessary to reproduce exactly the same environment as production. But then if we develop on a “standalone” machine, we can face a message like:

The Database was backed up on a server running version XXXXXX. That version is incompatible with this server, which is running version YYYYYY

Where YYYYY is smaller than XXXX. And even if we did all available updates!

The reason is, by default when installing a “standalone” version of SharePoint, even if we have installed a SQL Server before you install SharePoint, it installs the SharePoint databases in a SQL Express instance!

And therefore, can not restore a backup database from a production SQL Server that is not SQL Express.

To avoid this, there is a small tip.

When installing SharePoint in “standalone”, it will seek a default SQL instance named”SharePoint”, and if he does not find it, he created it on SQL Express!

To avoid this, when installing SQL Server on the development machine, create a “Sharepoint” instance and voila!

Hope this helps!