Visual Studio – Unable to connect to team foundation server


Hello everyone,


Today I’ll talk about an error that I recently had with Visual Studio 2013 and TFS. One day reconnecting me in the morning, I had the strange surprise of not being able to make check-out/check-in in my code!

In my attempts, the “team explorer” window showed me a series of errors such as « System.ComponentModel.Composition.CompositionException: The composition produced a single composition error … »


Googling for the error, I did not find the reason for this. Of course I tried the standard resolutions

• Check the rights of my account in TFS

• close and re-open the application

• logoff-login

• reboot

but nothing has changed.


To solve this problem I had to delete the cache of Visual Studio! This cache is located in the following directory


After deleting all the contents (file and folders) and restarted my Visual Studio, everything works properly again.


Hope that helps!