Could not successfully create management Service Bus entity ‘WF_ManagementWFTOPIC’


Hello everyone,

Today I will talk about the day I almost became bald … the day I wanted to install the workflow manager on my 2013 development environment.

Wanting to do a clean install, I wanted to specify a specific service account for the application and not the Almighty Dev Farm Admin. However during my many attempts I always ended in front of an error like « Could not successfully create management Service Bus entity ‘WF_Management/WFTOPIC’ with multiple retries within timespan of…”

After tearing my hair out for hours I made a last attempt which proved successful, connect to my server directly with the desired service account and perform the installation.

I confess not to understand why because I tried the installation with a “Run as”. Perhaps a user profile on the machine is needed to store data.


Hope this helps.