SharePoint 2013 – Optimize your website visibility

SPO2013 Hello everyone, If you want to increase the visibility of your SharePoint 2013 on the web, be aware that there is a native functionality “WCM: Search Engine Optimizations.” This feature allows you, among other

  • specify « Metatag » ;
  • create a « robots.txt » file (used by many research site for indexing);
  • configure canonical url ;

If we refer to the description of the features by version of SharePoint 2013, only « Fundation » does not have this feature. It is present in the Standard and Enterprise version and at within all plan of Office 365 and SharePoint Online !

Documentation exists on the Office site explaining the functioning of this feature (see here).

I also recommend the white paper written by Waldek Mastykarz about setting up this feature, available here.

Enjoy your reading !