SharePoint 2013 – Optimize your website visibility

SPO2013 Hello everyone, If you want to increase the visibility of your SharePoint 2013 on the web, be aware that there is a native functionality “WCM: Search Engine Optimizations.” This feature allows you, among other

  • specify « Metatag » ;
  • create a « robots.txt » file (used by many research site for indexing);
  • configure canonical url ;

If we refer to the description of the features by version of SharePoint 2013, only « Fundation » does not have this feature. It is present in the Standard and Enterprise version and at within all plan of Office 365 and SharePoint Online !

Documentation exists on the Office site explaining the functioning of this feature (see here).

I also recommend the white paper written by Waldek Mastykarz about setting up this feature, available here.

Enjoy your reading !


SharePoint 2013 – Yammer Integration


Hello everyone,

Many of you have probably already heard about Yammer. For those who don’t know, Yammer is an enterprise social network that was acquired by Microsoft.

Currently, Yammer integrates into SharePoint 2013 via an app displaying Newsfeeds.

Installation on Office 365:

The installation of Office 365 could not be more simple since just get the application and add it to the desired page!

To do it, just go to your “Site Contents” click on “Add an app.”


Look for “Yammer” and as proposed, go see the results on the SharePoint Store.


Select « Yammer App for SharePoint »


Once the application is downloaded, you can add the WebPart.


Once the connection is done​, you can choose what you want to display.


Depending on what you want to see, we can specify a group id or a page url.


And once filled


Installation on SharePoint 2013 On-Premise :

To implement Yammer on SharePoint on-premise environments, a white paper is available here:

Conclusion: I hope that the following versions of the app will allow true integration. Having a newsfeed is a little “light” to actually talk about integration.

To be continued.


SharePoint Online – “error – You don’t have sufficient permissions. To get permissions, contact your administrator”

Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about an existing bug on SharePoint Online. It may happen that you cannot add photos to your profile. When trying to upload a photo, an error message appears: “error – You don’t have sufficient permissions.  To get permissions, contact your administrator”. And even with the administrator account.

After searching a while, I came across this topic:

Apparently this is a known problem, to solve it , post a message on this topic, a Microsoft support will contact you to ask you for information about your tenant in order to apply a hotfix.

This solved the problem for me!

Hope this helps!