You do not have adequate permissions to modify this list


Hello everyone,
For years I have been working with SharePoint, I was surprised several times, but recently I faced a very confusing error, a site collection administrator who is faced with a message ” Vous n’avez pas des autorisations requises pour modifier cette liste “(which in English gives” You do not have adequate permissions to modify this list “).

The context is the following:

  • A list of items on my SharePoint Foundation 2010 site that I want to export to Excel 2007
  • Forms Based Authentication

And that is the problem! After some research, it seems that Office 2007 does not support forms based authentication!

I have not yet found a configuration that allows the user to not have to re-login but there is a workaround.

  1. The user connects to the site with his account.
  2. He must open an excel file on the site
  3. It will be prompt for his credentials, he must log and keep the document open.
  4. With the application still open, the export to excel will work.

I have done a test with Office 2013, when exporting to excel I have no error message but the login window that allows me to log and export.
Perhaps further configuration allows the user to do it without double authentication but I do not know yet!

Hope this helps!


SharePoint 2013 : Versions Comparison and Governance


Hello everyone,

Before starting a SharePoint 2013 project, there are common questions from customers.

What are the differences between SharePoint versions and how to implement good governance?

To answer these questions here are 2 useful links!

SharePoint Online: Here you can find the differences between versions of SharePoint 2013

Best practices for creating and managing team sites: This link highlights the issues that need to be in a governance plan.

Enjoy your reading !