Browser Compatibility SharePoint 2013


Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to talk about a compatibility problem.

In many company, the versions of OS and web browsers are set at group level. So, the update of these browsers and OS is not always possible.

After doing some research, I came across this article describing compatibility for SharePoint 2013:

Having a customer using Internet Explorer 8 and following this table, it seems that it is supported …

« Seems » is the good word.

In fact doing some testing, we came across some strange behavior

– systematic Freezes

– ribbon’s button disappearing

-« Working on it » continuously with a JavaScript error

-Drag & drop unavailable


We are still compiling the information to really know it is supported but no real answers so far. I opened a topic on msdn forums but I do not really have specific answers:

However, a configuration allowed us to not have the “working on it” with the JavaScript error. For this configuration we have to go in Internet option->advanced-> and tick the “enable native XMLHTTP support”.

For drag & drop, it seems that with Office 2013 installed, it would work:

For the rest, we are still investigating.

If you have answers, feel free to reply to this post !



4 thoughts on “Browser Compatibility SharePoint 2013

  1. Dira

    Hello Christopher,
    I have a problem too with Browser Compatibility SharePoint 2013
    In IE 8, I have a content type with External Data Column on it, it’s running well to get data from external system and choosed the data, but when I saved it comes error.
    This problem doesn’t appear in IE 9, 10, and Chrome.

    I already set most of the Security Custom Level to Enable, Add the web site to trusted site, and Enable native XMLHTTP support.

    do you ever experienced it?


  2. Hi Christopher,
    I am seeking a help from you. Regarding browser issue weird with IE8 for SharePoint 2010. I posted this in the below link
    Webpart dropdown menus float’s some where above in application
    In basic version SP2010 not getting this issue only on customized version. I removed the CSS links and Js links and code but still same.

    Hoping you might help me on this.

    thanks vinod

    1. Hello dvinod,
      reading your post on the forum, I see that you have weird behavior with IE11. all I know is that I hadd also this kind of comportment and was forced to use “Compatibility mode” to made the site works correctly…

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