ESPC16 Feedback


Hello everyone,

As I told you in the previous post, the ESPC16 conference was full of information! Both for announcements made and for the tools used during the different sessions.

I will try to collect my notes on the various subjects to share them with you.

Some statements:

  • ContentTypeHub : there are a lot of features in SharePoint, and not all of them are good
  • Feature pack planned to be release every 3 or 6 month
  • Bulk download of files is planned
  • Add link as a document in document library is planned
  • Sooner or later save site as template will disappear
  • Upcoming SharePoint integration means you’ll be able to launch PowerApps directly from the SharePoint mobile app.
  • “It’s build on #SharePoint because I can ! ” Wrong reason!
  • “Data are more secured in the cloud than onprem !”
  • Power Apps : Only 500 requests by minute allowed by connection.
  • Stop using Appweb!

Technology to follow:

Another important point, Microsoft is listening to our experiences, so if you want to provide feedback , go to

Enjoy your reading!



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