Only a limited set of people are allowed to share this content


Hello everyone,

Today I will talk about an error that could happen to your users when they attempt to “Share” an element.

They may find themselves confronted with this error message

Error Something when wrong

“Only a limited set of people are allowed to share this content”

Correlation id: XXXXX

Although the error message is not as obscure as usual, it does not point directly at the problem, which can be a bit difficult to solve if we do not know well the capabilities of SharePoint.

The problem is that you have not set up the “Access Request Settings” for the current site.

This configuration is done at the “Site Permissions” in the “Site settings” section.

In group “Manage” you have the link “Request Access Settings”


By clicking this link, you can allow “access request” and specify the person’s email address where the request will be send and the “Share” will work properly.

I find it amazing that the Share button does not work the same way as the button “alert me” (which appears only when the outgoing email is configured) or even why it is not gray.

Perhaps an omission?

Hope this helps!



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