SharePoint 2013 – Send queries to a custom results page URL disabled


Hello everyone,

Today I ‘ll talk about a side effect that may occur in SharePoint 2013.

If you try to change « Which search results page should queries be sent to ? » for the site collection, you can uncheck the « Use the same results page settings as my parent » box.


However, after unchecking this box, you realize that you can’t fill the « Results page URL » !


This is because the URL is generated by the new feature ” Minimal Download Strategy “! If you want to modify this data, several options are available

  • Disable feature Minimal Download Strategy from the ” Manage Site Features ” menu
  • Enter the correct url: “ /_layouts/15/enhancedSearch.aspx ?level=sitecol”

Another option is to navigate the “Search settings” page (in the Search of the sites settings) click cancel (which has the effect of redirecting you to the real page settings url) and click again on “Search settings” of the ” Site Collection Administration” and voila!


Hope this helps




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