No such host is known


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about an issue with BCS. It happened to me to see the following error message by clicking on an external list.

« Unable to render the data. If the problem persists, contact your web server adminisrator. Correlation Id: XXXXXXXX

Looking at the logs I saw a strange error message:“Possibly the host name ‘ip, port’ is invalid and it’s could not be found. The exception is System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0X80004005): No such host is known at System.Net.Dns.InternalGetHostByName …


The BCS was created using SharePoint Designer and I can see the tables in it, so why an error “no such host is known” via SharePoint?

After digging a while I finally found the solution. The problem came from the Secure Store! Indeed, my user account was not specified in the “Members” section of the secure store!


Using SharePoint Designer, I could see the connection because I specified to use the credentials stored in the secure store, but my user does not belong to the Secure Store “members”, so when I browse the list in SharePoint, it does not use these credentials!

A stupid error, but an error message, once again, not very useful …

Hope that helps



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