Current user is not a Farm Administrator


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about a strange error that I recently had. When I tried to activate the feature “SharePoint Server Standard Web Application features” with a farm admin account via the central administration UI, I received the error message « provisioning did not succeed failed to provision the scheduling job definitions ».

Looking a little closer to the logs, I saw the error « the sppersistedobject could not be updated because the current user is not a farm administrator »

Trying unsuccessfully with several “farm admin” account, I switched to Powershell. In fact, activate the feature via PowerShell ran without any problems (with the same user)!

Reminder : activate the feature via PowerShell is done via the command « Enable-SPFeature » (more info there :

I remain skeptical about why this error message. I came across several sites describing a PowerShell script to use to resolve this issue (as here : However, this script does not have worked for me (even after iisreset) and this is the kind of obscure manipulation that I would not allow myself in production.

I take this post to share a little trick. Know that you can easily retrieve the ID of a feature through the browser, for this just use the “developer tools” of Internet Explorer (or the equivalent in other browsers), tools accessible when pressing F12.


If you select “activate” (or deactivate) button and look at the “ID” of the div covering the button parameter, this parameter contains the id of the feature!

Hope this helps !



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