“Alert me” button missing


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about a problem that may occur with the “Alert Me” button present on lists and libraries.


This button is sometimes not visible


The most common reason found for this lack is that the outgoing email settings have not been set.

To check this, go to the “System Settings” section of the central administration. This is where we find the “Configure outgoing e-mail settings” link.


In this menu you will see the SMTP server configuration which is needed to send e-mail and thus the alerts.


Fill in the fields with the data of your choice. Clarification, there is no validation of the data you enter (except for the format of e-mail addresses).


Indeed, even if the data are incorrect, the fact that this configuration is done should cause the appearance of the button.

However, sometimes, despite this configuration, the button does not appear. This probably means that the alerts have been disabled.

Enabling alerts can be done with the following stsadm command

stsadm -o setproperty -pn alerts-enabled -pv true -url http://serverurl

or with the following PowerShell command

$MyWebApp=Get-SPWebApplication "http://serverurl"

$MyWebApp.AlertsEnabled = $true


Hope this helps


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