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Hello everyone,

It is now one year and a half that I write on this blog and I am active on the msdn forums. It is always a pleasure to see a response to a forum or article helps someone. I was already happy to see the number of visits to my blog, but today I had the honor to receive this e-mail

« Chère/Cher Christopher Clement,

Félicitations! Nous sommes heureux de vous remettre la récompense MVP Microsoft® 2013! Cette récompense est accordée aux leaders d’exception de la communauté technique qui partagent activement leur expertise pratique de grande qualité. Nous apprécions vos remarquables contributions dans les communautés techniques SharePoint Server lors de cette année passée.

La nomination des Microsoft MVP est pour nous une occasion unique de reconnaître vos contributions de valeur et de vous dire « Merci pour votre participation technique ».

I do not know what to say other than thank you! What an honor to receive this award!

I especially want to thank Sebastian Sougnez and David Petrocelli who gave me the necessary confidence to begin to contribute to the community! Thank to both of you!



5 thoughts on “Most Valuable Professional – SharePoint Server

  1. Well done again Chris! Just a hint, you may want to remove the name of the guy that sent you the mail. He may get a heap of mail with his name in the public domain.

    Just a thought.

    And congratulations again.

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