SharePoint 2013 – Set permissions on item level


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about a change in the interface of SharePoint 2013, which can be confusing for people who are familiar with older versions.

This change affects the way you see the permission of an item.

When you select an item in SharePoint 2013 and looking at the ribbon, there is no longer the “Permissions” button present in previous versions. Instead there is the “Shared With” button.


By clicking this button, we can see the permissions of the current item


In this pop-up there is two links:  “Invite People” and “Advanced”

1.       « Invite people » :


This pop-up allows you to add people to read / write the document, it will break the rights on the item and make the changes.

NB : This pop-up can also be accessed directly via the “Share” button on the ribbon


For example, I added “Everyone” with “can view”.By clicking again on “Shared with” I have this result


2.       « Advanced » :

This link allows you to find the interface that we had in previous versions


We can see that after my first operation, the document has unique permissions.

Hope this help.


4 thoughts on “SharePoint 2013 – Set permissions on item level

  1. sjusfas

    I can’t see the advanced button on my SharePoint. Is it only for SharePoint Enterpris`? I’m running SharePoint Standard. And thus I can’t break the permission, even if I add other People on it.

    1. Houston

      I had the same problem and found this blog when googling.
      It turns out that I’d been messing with the color pallet and had turned the font for the sharing window to the same color as the background (White) and, thus, I couldn’t see it. When I hovered over the area where the text/button is supposed to be for advanced it finally showed up.
      Give it a try.

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