Put restrictions on MySites


Hello everyone,

Today I’ll talk about a request for MySites on SharePoint 2013.

The request is that the MySite needs to be used only by a limited number of users.

So how to configure it.

Everything happens at the service “User Profile“.

To access it, go to the central administration, in the “Application Management” section, click on “Manage Service Applications“.


Click on « User Profile Service Application ».


In the « People » section, click on « Manage User Permissions ».


By default, you can see that all users have full rights.


Change this by unchecking the rights to « All Authenticated Users ».


And add users / AD group that you want to give the right to use mysites and check the permissions.


For my “Christopher Clement” account, we can see that the MySite is active.


While for another account, this is not the case!


For more information on MySites, I invite you to read this msdn topic

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “Put restrictions on MySites

  1. Paul

    Thanks Christopher for the great article.
    Are you able to confirm that this is the same process for SharePoint 2010.

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