Tool for CAML Query

Hello everyone,

For those who do not know, there is a tool to generate your CAML queries.

This utility is the work of Karine Bosch and Andy Van Steenbergen

For SharePoint 2003 and 2007 we had the CAML Builder tool, you can it find here:

Recently there was a new version of the CAML Builder targeting SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online: CAML Designer.

You can find all information here:

If you have to create CAML queries, do not hesitate one second!


7 thoughts on “Tool for CAML Query

  1. Bjoern H Rapp

    Hi Chris, I agree both are great tools for easing the process of getting the CAML syntax correct, but for myself this is going a bit in the wrong direction. I’d like to have tools like these integrated into Visual Studio without having to go an open up another application all the time to get things done. So I’m thinking of creating something similar myself as a Codeplex project, but then as a VS extension. I’m also looking at ways to integrate Linq To Sharepoint even tighter to VS, more specically automating the process of using spmetal to create the DataContext stub files. Ideas at the moment though. Cheers!!

  2. Hello Bjoern,
    I agree that a Visual Studio integration would be great, but having this a “simple” application allow you to make production test without having a Visual Studio on production environment.

    You seems to have good idea! I look forward for your progress on those!

  3. Kris

    Good to see that there is a new version of this tool.
    Only too bad that the design is awefull, and the application is extremely slow 😦
    Some buttons don’t do anything, subwindows seem to be chopped off etc.

    I’ll stick to the old version, which still works great on SP2010.

      1. lolz, no problem

        Also the new design will be implemented on the Caml Designer 2010 as well, so I’ll guess that will be “alpha” edition…. 😉

        if there are additional comments/remarks please send them to so that we can collect and read the feedback and take some of it into account.

        @Bjoern are you working on that VS extension? we thought about implementing the VS extension as well, but it’s A LOT more work than one might realize 😉

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