Upload Multiple Document control disabled

By development I came across another oddity of SharePoint (and yes again ^ ^).

Wanting to upload multiple files by hand in the style library I realized that this was not possible

So I stop you there already, yes you there in the background that will say “yes but you are using Chrome, compatibility with SharePoint is not complete, etc.. ”

Never mind, I try via IE (64bit IE9 to be precise) and therefore

And yes … same thing …

Not losing patience (or just a little …) I thought I would try the 32 bit version of IE (since itis installed even though I confess I do not understand why IE has fun have different versions, that anyway SharePoint 2010 uses the 64bit as my Windows Seven is but try)

Oh hey, it works!

Well I’ll restrain myself from commenting on the easy logic of IE developers and just hope it will help someone.



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